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45-year-old Danish beauty politicians first woman prime minister GUCCI controlled international dynamic - cool show network

Heller sounded spring podium to celebrate the venue in the electorate, a Jin Fali floor comb a short ponytail, wore a properly tailored purple suit, the lower body dressed in a black skirt, demure yet stylish.

The people of the world in front of the TV with emotion: Oh, the addition of a beautiful young woman politicians! Denmark's first female prime minister Heller - Thorning - Schmidt this election, Heller main economic card, promised to promote economic growth in Denmark, to raise taxes to the rich no longer impose the austerity policies of the current government, to restore the high welfare system ? ? These propositions are all precisely the immediate focus of the Danes.

Review Heller background, can be said to be impeccable.

Her childhood family was generous, his father is a professor of economics at the University, the mother is the office manager.

Wealthy family was making her smooth entry into the the famous elite institutions in Belgium, the European Academy learning policy and public management.

Where she became acquainted with the former British Labor Party leader Kinnock's son Stephen, the two fall in love, Heller also became part of the British political family Kinnock family.

Therefore, the British media joked that is love so Heller embarked on the political arena.

After graduating from the College of Europe in 1994, Heller served as the Danish Social Democratic Party in the person in charge of the secretariat of the European Parliament, and the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions senior international consultant, to become a political star, that she was only 28 years old.

In 1999, she was elected to the European Parliament Caucus Members, the main concern for social issues.

In 2005, she was elected as the chairman of the Danish Social Democratic smooth sailing career.

However, Heller the Beginning Social Democratic Chairman when the opposition that she is a political "innocent girl", it was also her a judge "gucci Heller, because the blonde beauty obsessed advanced custom dress luxury, especially love the famous Italian fashion luggage brand gucci.

However, after a few years of experience, today Heller has a resourceful politician image to show people, she never fails to show confidence and calm, debate skills continue to improve, and know how to use the witty verbal exchanges and charming signboard smile to deal with the media.

In Danish politics, Helle looks outstanding, dress trendy, like to wear the famous designer heels and pull a fire red gucci purses.

Currently, she and her two daughters live in a community north of Copenhagen's most luxurious townhouses, one daughter studying in elite private schools.

Such elite do to send her by political opponents attack, but Heller calm and quiet responded: "We can not look so sloppy it." To some extent, the elegant style of the image of Heller gave a lot of confidence, Denmark people wish I could look like Heller.

Many Danish girls began to dye their hair the same color with Heller, fashion media that her chiseled facial features and elegant smile is on behalf of the Nordic beauty.

In fact, who would hate to be such a beautiful Prime Minister? "She was beautiful, very elegant, cheerful and outspoken, particularly charming smile, I wish I looked her and I believe she will do well." The Danish female supporters undisguised Heller envy and support.

Of course, in order to change the "material girl", "vase woman" image, Heller has done a lot of work.

For example, recently participated in a television interview, she deliberately blonde hair tied back, the chemical makeup mirror.

In addition, she has to give up their own cars, select sat campaign trucks access to the factory workers - however, she still did not give up a favorite gucci handbags. best fake